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Since 1982, Arterix Pest Control has been supplying quality pest control. We treat all types of bugs and rodents but specialize in stinging and biting insects. These pests can be extremely dangerous and troublesome.




Arterix Pest Control – One Of The Best Pest Control Companies For Preventing Pests

Pests are very smart in finding the ideal home for them. Foodstuff is the thing that these consider mainly when finding the right place to stay. Dark, shady and places that will allow them to stay unseen is also a perfect place for them.

Waste food that are not finished properly and simply left on the desks and tables will definitely invite pests to come. If these pests arrive at your facilities and you allow them stay for long, these pests will leave urine and faeces all over the facility which will cause to foul odors making it a smelly place to work. In addition, this will guide to widespread of the illness in the facility. It is a need for you to clean your facility and arrange your garbage at the end of the day.

Small sized flies are one of the most general insects that annoy employees as well as the customers. Disallow them food will discourage these not needed creatures from coming into your facility. Without the existence of fruit flies and other pests, you can do your business in a suitable way.

Fleas can be carried by people who go and come to your facilities and they can stay alive easily inside your building. These insects are very tough to catch because they are completely hidden in other furnishings and carpets giving them time to increase and multiply.

It is extremely significant to call the professional pest control team if a customer or an employee complains about fleas. The professional controllers have the right equipment for getting rid of pests.

Arterix Pest Control is known as one of the best Pest Control Companies, provides great service at the low price.

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Dangerous Effects of Pests Biting – Maryland Pest Control

Maryland Pest Control

Honey bees and wasps:

Numerous individuals are adversely affected by the honey bee, hornet, and wasp stings. For those with hypersensitivities, a solitary sting can be dangerous. For those without genuine hypersensitivities, the venom from stings can bring about difficult, irritated, and swollen ranges.

Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs don’t transmit ailments and are not viewed as a general wellbeing risk. Nibbles cause tingling, and managing an infestation can bring about uneasiness and sleep deprivation. Now and again, nibbles can trigger a genuine unfavorably susceptible response, however, this is genuinely uncommon.

A few ants can nibble or sting, albeit most species that abide in homes don’t.


Houseflies can spread microorganisms and infections like nourishment harming and looseness of the bowels. A few sorts of gnawing flies can transmit sicknesses through the spread of human blood.


Almost everybody’s accomplished the most well-known mosquito symptom—a red, irritated chomp. The swelling and irritation are real because of the body’s response to mosquito spit. Skeeters are scandalous for conveying and transmitting ailments like jungle fever, encephalitis, West Nile Virus, yellow fever, and heartworm, a genuine ailment for mutts.


Bugs’ waste and discharges pollute sustenance, and a few people experience hypersensitive responses, therefore. In moist atmospheres, sustenance bugs can emit intensifies that are cancer-causing.


Albeit numerous individuals fear creepy crawlies, they’re general to a great extent advantageous. The frightening little creature 8-legged creature eat different creepy crawlies, including different arachnids, bugs, earwigs, flies, moths, and mosquitoes. Dark dowager insects and chestnut hermit bugs are the main noxious species in the US.


Bug salivation, dung, and body parts can bring about unfavorably susceptible responses, especially in kids. Individuals with asthma are particularly vulnerable to cockroach sensitivities. The dreadful little animals can likewise transmit microscopic organisms like E. coli, Salmonella, parasitic worms, and different pathogens.


Ticks are notorious bearers of various genuine ailments, from Lyme infection to different fevers and even encephalitis.


While they don’t convey any illnesses, termites are ravenous eaters. In the US, termite avoidance and treatment costs around two billion every year.

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Residential Pest Control – Bed Bug Treatment By Arterix Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

You have chomps and found the signs on your furniture, now what? You could simply attempt and manage it yourself yet regardless of how buzzword it sounds, YOU CANNOT FIX THIS YOURSELF! It would be ideal if you call an expert. Disposing of these bugs is normally an extremely included difficulty. There is additionally so much terrible data out there, particularly on the web, so ask an expert. You can wager your home that whatever a companion instructs you to do that will save you is not true.

Kindly don’t put out Boric Acid, DE(Diatomaceous Earth), or Borax out to treat for these bed bugs. These are not compelling and generally connected hazardously. This dust will kick up into the air when the AC or apparatuses turn on, or when entryways are opened and notwithstanding strolling through the room. Noticeable all around, now you inhale it in. As a rule I discover dryer sheets put between the bedding and box springs to avert blood suckers. Once more, this is 100% useless, don’t squander your time or cash on these home solutions.

Arterix Pest Control has experience dealing with these vampires. Get the perfect solution for bed bugs and get the best Residential Pest Control – Just call @  800-496-2337 or visit our website now.

Experience Quality Pest Control In MD By Arterix Pest Control

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Arterix Pest Control provides quality pest control. We treat rodents and all types of bugs and our team is specializing in biting and stinging insects. These type of Pests are extremely troublesome and dangerous. As we know mosquitoes can be found anywhere and could cause of health problems other than bed bugs and ticks could cause to Lyme disease or skin reactions. It is not possible to tackle this problem alone so there is need to have a professional team that can solve these major problems of pests. It is better to take help of a professional pest control company. Arterix pest control provides quality service for Pest Control in MD. We take care of all our customers.
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Happy Parasite Catcher’s Day – Pest Control Maryland

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Imagine your work is over and summer season has begun. Your holidays have started and you are in full swing to enjoy with your family or friends. You are expecting much-needed relaxation in nice weather.

However, there are few parasites those are just waiting to spoil your holiday and their names are mosquitos and bed bugs! These biting insects can not only impose multiple annoyed bites on us, but they can easily spread a range of diseases such as malaria, dengue, and the Zika virus.

Happily, there are a number of things, you can implement to avoid such disturbing parasites and save your precious time for loved ones. These instructions will help avoid limitless days of irritating and rubbing those irritating bites.Along with having a Pest Control MD services in place, you can try out following to stay safe-

  • Stay away from mosquito hub
  • Wear light colored clothes
  • Use parasite repellent
  • Avoid certain times when mosquitos are more active
  • Remove standing water
  • Keep the fresh air flowing

Insect repellent is one of the quickest ways to keep sharp insects away. Remember to keep a bug repellent in your bag if you are going to expose in that area. Bed bug treatments are available at first place to stop their growth happening and remove them completely. Repellent spray can be bought from superstore or pharmacy. It is suggested that you apply a substantial dose to all affected parts of your body.Harsh insects are fascinated too bright colors. It is a decent idea to evade wearing brightly colored clothing to help diminish the likelihood of getting hurt. Combine these few suggestions to have a wonderful holiday season and fix up a quick meeting for any advice on pest control / bed bug treatments.

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How To Stay Safe And Healthy – Pest Control Service By Arterix Pest Control


We talk a lot about sanitation in home and all around in homes and offices.  Why? First, because that is what everyone wants.  Everyone wants to stay healthy in fresh-smelling house or office.  Having sanitation to houses is the finest way to maintain good health and ecological benefits we try hard for. We offer General Pest Control Service which can help you achieve your common objectives of life mentioned above. We use chemicals that do not harm human beings.

We can give you recommendation on products for Residential pest control for light infestations but for more severe pest problems, we recommend our customized protection plans which is quick and successful, offers the utmost level of safety for your people, friends or pets. Stinging insects are dangerous and their allergic reactions are also deadly. We proud to say that we offer you season long guarantee.

Our specialists for Bed Bugs Control know everything about what are bed bugs they, where do they hide and how to remove them. Bed Bugs are found in houses, bird nests, and bat caves; they are generally found in these areas because of the warmth, places to hide and hosts to feed on. Both the male and female bed bugs need blood to raise and have children. Hire a professional pest control services firm and ask the following on priority-

  • How many bug removal jobs did you perform in the last 6 months?
  • Can you present a copy of treatment procedure?
  • What products do you use to get rid of and avoid infestations?
  • Can you provide references of your work?

Mosquitoes multiply plentiful diseases, some of which only affect some piece of the world. Though mosquitoes transmit malaria, it is not as prevalent in the USA as it is in under urban countries. Other types of mosquito-borne diseases include: Chikungunya & Dengue. So, when they trouble you, call our team of mosquito & tick control for free quotation.

Let the experienced and professional team of Arterix Pest Control identify the severity and make you free from it.

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